[2014-02-28] White Limited Launching
[2014-01-03] Notice of 3rd event for celebrating the Beauty and the Beast launch~!
[2013-12-31] Notice of New Year Holidays!!
[2013-12-26] Notice of 2nd Event for Celebrating the Beauty and the Beast launch!!
[2013-12-20] Notice for the limited release of " Beauty and the Beast" and big event for the White relaunch. ..
[2014-04-19] 商品の発送について
[2014-04-15] 商品の発送について
[2014-04-14] 商品の発送はいつ頃でしょうか
[2014-04-12] お願いがあり、ご連絡させて頂..
[2014-04-12] 注文から4ヶ月が経過しました