Special Teru ver.(tanned skin Elf head)

add outfit + special boots(+ $99)
add wig(RA90-SB900/SB711)(+ $30)
normal skin(+ $0)

Special Teru ver.

26th July, 2010~ 9th August, 2010

Concept art : PureLati Design Team

Eyes : 18mm Glass eyes Grey
Skin : Tanned skin
Outfit : Cape, Vest, Shirts, Pants, Belt
Wig : RA90-SB900/SB711
Shoes : Special Limited Boots

- Due to our special skin producing method, some marbling marks can be left on the dolls skin. The marbling marks do not mean that the dolls are faulty and please do not rub those marks with a piece of sandpaper or etc.