TH Limited Oh! My Rabbit ver. Emily

TH Limited Oh! My Rabbit ver. Emily

20th April, 2018. 15:00(Korean time basis)

Concept art : B&J Latidoll Design Team

Emily (Tan skin),
Eyes (12mm), outfits, wig, Make up, Manual, certificate, cushion, box, Elastic String

(There can be differences between actual color and the color you see from your monitor.)

*There can be slight marveling among dark colored skin dolls(ex. brown tan skin, dark gray skin)
As for dark colored skin dolls, slight sanding mark(caused by gate line removing work) can be found.
Make-up is hand-crafted work so it is hard to be the same 100% as that of pictures and can not have perfect bilateral symmetry.

Please keep in mind that these cases mentioned above are not subject to make-up A/S.