Limited Vampire ver. Lumi(Moonlight) #2

Normal Skin(+ $0)
Exchange to the magnetic hand parts(+ $0)
Exchange to the Mystic head(+ $0)
Adding Mystic head(+ make up)(+ $100)

Limited Vampire ver. Lami(Dark Night)

sale period : Jan 27th ~ Feb 14th

Apparel designed by Corona
Make up : Kiisha
Concept art : YG

Costume : Dress,Petticoat,Stocking,Cuffs,Choker,Hair Brooch, Dress Brooch
Wig : RA-21A,613
Eyes : 14mm Glass eyes Blue
Skin : White skin
Shoes : Special Ribbon Shoes(White)

Ornaments and laces in clothes can be altered.

Photoshooting properties are not included.