[ 2018-04-26 ] Notice on counterfeit dolls(must read)

Hello This is Lati,

We recently heard news that one Chinese company that registers "Lati" as their trademark manufactures and sells counterfeit dolls. They steal even Lati logo and sell fake dolls with the logo. We're preparing for legal action about this.
Please be noted that all the Lati dolls have to be purchased on Lati official website or through Lati official dealers because fake dolls have poor quality and A/S is not available.
Sellers other than Lati website and official dealers sell counterfeit dolls(even if they have Lati logo), please don't be confused.

If you find any suspicious sellers, please e-mail us or leave a message on our website board. Our official e-mail address is doll_lati@naver.com.

Lati official website : www.latidoll.com

Official Chinese Lati dealer :
Adoll Land : adoll.taobao.com
Janice : https://luladoll.taobao.com/

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